Life Back In The Slow Lane

Our visitors have all gone and the house has once again gone quiet. It was good to have the grandchildren here as their youth and vitality is infectious. For almost a week it was non-stop playing and engagement ending up each day with a story to be read before the youngest members were sent off to bed and sleep. To be honest, it wasn’t long after they were sent to bed that we also retreated into sleep in order to have the energy needed for the next day’s activities. Now that they are gone, life resumes its normal routines which includes a lot more time spent out of clothes.

I have booked another three days of naturist retreat for next week which means a few posts will have to be “scheduled” for publication because I won’t have access to Internet while at Green Haven Sun Club. In the meantime, I am enjoying the occasional burst of sunshine that comes through skies that are clouded over. In the past few days we have received about an inch (2.5 cm) of rain. Not only are there clouds, it doesn’t get too warm out and the forecast for the next two days is for more of the same. Perhaps it is just as good as I don’t get in a huff about not being out somewhere in the hills hiking nude.

Time to sit back with a good cup of chai tea and enjoy a good book.


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