Control and Being Bored While Nude

As I sit here at my laptop working at finding the words that will form today’s post, there is a light, gentle rain falling with a temperature of 19 C [66 F]. It is darker than usual because the sun is hidden. The weather is a reminder that one can’t be outside working on a tan whenever one feels like it. Some things are out of one’s control.

Control – or should I say, the illusion of control – is something each of us holds onto as tightly as possible as naturists. Like most people, I have control issues. I want the world to unfold in a manner that suits my conscious [ego] wishes. If possible, I would control others, the weather, the economy, politics, relationships [mine and others] and the choices others make. If possible, I would set the laws of the world to allow nudism anywhere, anytime, for anyone. If I could set the laws of human nature, I would have every human psychologically wired so as to never harm [physically and/or psychologically] themselves or others. I would also do a better job with the weather so that there would never be severe weather disturbances, and that there was just enough sunshine and rain to meet the needs of plant and animal life. I would also do away with evil while I was at it. Life would be perfect with no unpleasant surprises to disturb the calm.

I know, who am I to set all the rules. Not everyone has the same notion of what would make a perfect world with perfect people. The truth is, even I would balk at having to live in such a perfect world. With everything being perfect there would cease to be satisfaction with that perfection as there would be nothing left to contrast and remind us of that perfection. I would get bored and likely become my own worst enemy in retaining this personal state of perfection. If I had to be naked all the time, I would likely invent something to create contrast – perhaps invent clothing. If others had to be perfect I would find it impossible to choose one person as my significant other and soon find myself in meaninglessness relationships where it didn’t matter who I chose or who chose me for a partner. I would turn dark inside and in doing so, I know that suddenly I would  be seen as a significant  other in contrast with the rest of a bland world.

Thinking about it, it’s a good thing a bit of rain is falling as I get to appreciate those sunshine moments when I can once again revel in being in my bare skin being kissed by the sun.

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