Naturist Tourism In Abruzzo, Italy

I found this article through a naturist social network that I follow, which was taken from an Italian newsletter. The original article was written in Italian with the intended audience being Italians in Italy.  It is heartening to see that naturism is gaining another foothold in the modern world. It wouldn’t hurt for North Americans to take note and to take its own steps to promote naturist tourism as a way of stimulating the economy. Of course it would mean that the negative legal sanctions against being nude would have to be rescinded. Enjoy the article and think of the possibilities where you live. Could your area benefit from naturist tourism?

Regional Council today approved the draft law. – July 30, 2013

The bill was presented by Richard Chiavaroli, and signed by Maurizio ACERBO, Nicola ARGIRO ‘, Charles CONSTANTINI, Cesare D’ALESSANDRO, GianfrancoGiuliante, Marinella SCLOCCO, Emilio NASUTI.

According to the presenters of the law “due to the social phenomenon of tourism and the practice of naturism, with resulting positive economic impact it follows that the idea deserves more attention and should be governed by clear rules, allowing the practice in identified areas that are marked and are not open to the general public, for mutual respect of behavior and sensitivity of each, and also to avoid isolated phenomena that often create misunderstandings and conflicts.”

The promoters of the law state that “Italy, unlike many other European countries, does not have a national law to recognize and protect naturism, but some regions have already started, with foresight, to legislate to that effect.”

As is well known, naturism, according to those who practice this activity, provides a natural and healthy way of living in keeping with the body, taking care of your health and enjoying the contact with the natural elements devoid of artificiality and social conventions. In Europe, accommodation for naturists (beaches, holiday villages and campsites) are currently concentrated mainly in France, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Denmark.

And in these states – say the underwriters of the law – “nudism contributes significantly to the annual budget of the tourism sector.” According to the regional advisers who promoted the norm (signposted dell’ANAB-Abruzzese Naturist Association and the guidelines used for similar laws already approved in Emilia Romagna and in some Italian municipalities) “this significant segment of the tourism, could also affect the ‘ Abruzzo. Currently, many European tourists who come to Italy on vacation and practicing naturism, have to go to a few beaches (located mainly in the area of ​​Emilia Romagna and Gargano) while, if the Abruzzo becomes available, our region become a new tourist center of attraction for naturists from all over Europe, which would further economic development for a country that aspires to a more full vocation with diversified offerings. ”

“The latest statistics also show – as pointed out by the proponents – that only in Italy naturists are officially five hundred thousand, but unofficially (taking into account those who are not enrolled in formal associations, only those who practice abroad, those who practice only occasionally) the estimates reach more than a million supporters. One million people – remember the counselors Abruzzo-that are now largely having to choose foreign facilities for their holidays and that in the future may be able to discover, from the town dedicated to naturists, the whole Abruzzo “.

“For these reasons the bill – support the Regional Councillors who have proposed – aims to recognize and promote the Abruzzo region in the conditions necessary to ensure mutual respect of each type of tourism, the ability to practice naturism, through the ‘identification of free areas to be allocated for this activity and by encouraging the creation of infrastructure for the same purpose.

Following the guidelines of our bill – conclude the signatories of the proposal – the municipalities, or other relevant bodies in this field, also in agreement with each other, identify and allocate marine beaches, lake or river, forests and other natural environments owned by the public property or public bodies to the free practice of naturism, starting with those where such a practice is already customary. ”

Text approved on July 30, 2013 – “Enhancement of Tourism naturist”

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