Naturism and Nature

Mount Fernie and the Elk River as seen from the TransCanada Hiking Trail.

Mount Fernie and the Elk River as seen from the TransCanada Hiking Trail.

A nature scene that I took yesterday afternoon while hiking along another section of the TransCanada Trail just outside of Fernie, B.C. – after all, naturism and nature do make a perfect fit. However, since it is a public trail that is relatively busy, the possibility of hiking naked is non-existent if one wants to stay out of legal trouble. Hiking in nature is very popular throughout most of Canada resulting in most hiking trails being well used. One has to leave the trail system if one wants to free-hike with at least a slim chance of avoiding running into other people and risking confrontations. Regardless, hiking with a minimum of clothing is worth wearing those clothes when one gets to enjoy both the hiking and the scenery along the way.

The photo above also serves as a reminder to me of the ancient alchemical expression: “As above, so below.” The expression  ”As above,” can loosely be considered as persona, lives lived in the outer world.  ”As below,” can be then understood as the realm of both personal and collective unconsciousness. Enough of this psychology stuff for now. It’s time to go out hiking again.

2 thoughts on “Naturism and Nature

  1. It’s a shame to have to hike textile when it so much more enjoyable to hike nude !!! Getting caught, I have always thought the risk was worthwhile and at times has been rewarding.


    • Thurston, there was no “risk” of getting caught at all. We would have been caught at least twenty times over the 15 km travelled. This is Mormon country where women wear long dresses and cover their heads – no tolerance or forgiveness in transgressing both the laws of state or church.


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