Being In The Moment – Unconditionally

Late morning hike on the Trans-Canada Trail between Kimberley and Cranbrook - 2013

Late morning hike on the Trans-Canada Trail between Kimberley and Cranbrook – 2013

The image was taken yesterday while we were doing one of our daily hikes during our British Columbia travels. Being out of one’s normal “home” world creates different expectations and accommodations as one tries to get the most out of the daily experiences that are available. I have been wanting to walk a part of the Trans-Canada Trail for a long time and was rewarded with a good opportunity while staying with a friend in Cranbrook, British Columbia. We only walked about 12 kilometres as the temperatures soon passed the 30 Celsius mark. We shared the path with others who walked, cycled and roller-bladed on the dedicated pathways, a fact that meant clothing was de rigueur. I have to admit that the experience was exceptional and well worth the effort regardless. As you can see, I finally broke down and provided an image to go with the post. This doesn’t signal a return to the use of images, it just seemed to be very appropriate for the moment. Images will be used on rare occasions when they seem to be appropriate or even necessary for the topic.

The recent series on alchemy is on hold while I do some more work on the nigredo stage and prepare a summary wrap-up. I don’t know when that will happen, So, please be patient if the series interests you. It will be finished. At the moment I am not sure where The Naturist’s Lens will head to next. I will let the next few days provide me with direction as it always does.For now, it is all about simply being in the moment, being present.

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