A New Look For Naked Reflection

As my readers have likely noticed, the site has a different look. I have decided to pay more attention to the words I bring here as what needs to be said is much more important than entertaining visuals, not that visuals aren’t valuable. In the past, I have put too much emphasis on images here, focused more on capturing attention. In the process of searching for visuals, I borrowed too many from web searches without remembering where they came from and giving proper acknowledgement for those images. And often, I would force my writing to reflect the image rather than let the writing stand on its own merits. Time will tell if this revised strategy will work here. With that said, I invite your comments.

9 thoughts on “A New Look For Naked Reflection

  1. I think I will disagree on this issue, as much for the sake of argument as for any other reason.

    I think the look of the blog as it is becoming is cleaner, neater: it is, in itself, a positive image.

    But I have come to value your blog, not just for the verbal content, but also for the images you’ve found to illustrate a point: ancient, medieval, alchemical, as well as your own photography.

    I find it interesting that I’m protesting, just a bit, the decision to be verbal: As you may recognize, from my comments on your blog and my comments elsewhere, I’m a very verbal guy: more verbal than visual. But I have come to realize more and more that “verbal” is only one way to communicate: the symbols of mathematics cross linguistic boundaries, as do sounds for the musician.

    Which makes me wonder, suddenly (maybe this is a “duh” moment!): how does our being naked together enhance or shift our non-verbal body language?

    And how does it further incorporate one’s shadow as well as one’s light?

    I look forward to your ongoing commentary, Robert! Thanks for writing.



    • “Which makes me wonder, suddenly (maybe this is a “duh” moment!): how does our being naked together enhance or shift our non-verbal body language?”

      Well, I also wonder about it. I wonder if the natural shift to “eye focus” has us miss a few body cues? This is a theme worth observing from someone with the time and interest as well as opportunity, to study. Clothing does reflect our light and shadow more “visually” – but, more so or less so? I think that this is dependent upon the ability of someone to recognize shadow and/or light in another person.


  2. I think the visuals can convey the message or ideas more effectively than words can do. A blog with your pic create the feeling that you are directly speaking to the reader.


    • I agree with you, Philip, that visuals “can convey the message more effectively than words”. That said, sometimes the visuals can also steal the spotlight and inadvertently re-shape the message unconsciously. For now, I will continue with this approach. Thank you for adding your words here.


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