Happy Summer Solstice

It is another one of those points in time where the thin membrane between the collective consciousness and collective unconsciousness becomes even thinner allowing for strange things to happen. For a short while, ego control is seriously challenged resulting in a breakdown of sorts leaving individuals either in panic facing an inner chaos, or leaving individuals intuitively affirming the rightness of who they are. Life on the fringe as outliers of the “normal” human community often leaves one doubting “self.” At those “liminal” moments one could talk about magic, but one would do better to talk about spirit. Our ancient ancestors (and some in the not so distant past) knew all about this universe that exists in between. To even dare approach this liminal world, one needed to take a guide who was as much a spiritual being as he or she was a human.

In Christianity, this is no different. All of our religions point to the need for the guide so as to avoid being so overwhelmed as to become insane. How can one even hope to look upon the face of our creator? How could we ever know that we are in her/his presence? The other worldliness of such an encounter is too magical for us to attribute that presence as being our creator.  More often than not, even our guides are unable to truly understand this presence and so attribute the mystery as magic and evil.

The solstice that tells us that we have entered the summer season, has arrived and we have marked it and continued on with our lives, just a bit more aware of the awesome creation of seasons and of the whole of all seasons. Of course, the book of Genesis tells us that all of this was crafted by God and that God remarked that her/his creation was good not evil. As children of this God, we celebrate all of creation including the days, nights, earth, water, sky, animals, humans and season within which we follow the paths laid out by the creator. Yet somehow, many of our churches have seen fit to categorize the celebration of the solstice markers of our seasons as something demonic.  God created these solstice events and called them good – but men in their wisdom say otherwise. God created men and women without clothing and called them good – but men, again tell us God was wrong and that people without clothing are agents of the devil.

If one is to believe the church leaders, God has bungled up quite badly. Not only did he make mistakes, he somehow is losing the battle between good and evil (Did God create EVERYTHING?) to this devil. The only way to escape the greedy claws of satan is to do exactly what our church leaders (ordinary humans) tell us to do and make sure we pay our church leaders well for our salvation and never, repeat, NEVER, ask questions.

At the risk of going straight to HELL without passing GO, I wish each of you a happy Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere and happy Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere. This is truly a time to give AWE to our creator.

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