Going Sane In An Insane World

Yes, ours is a sick society, a profoundly sick society as Krishnamurti tells us. I have a lot of respect for this original thinker and his lifelong quest for answers, for a way to help the world help itself. I turn now to Wikipedia for a few words about Jiddu Krishnamurti:

“According to Krishnamurti, many problems in the world such as poverty, war, the nuclear threat, and other unfortunate circumstances, have their roots in our thinking. In his view, as we live and behave according to our thinking so wars and governments are a result of that thinking. We each have our own beliefs, conclusions and experiences, to which we cling, thereby isolating ourselves from others. Self-centered activity is expressed outwardly as nationalism and religious intolerance, creating a divided world, in which we are willing to kill for the sake of belief. Understanding our relationship with the world crisis is necessary to understand ourselves”

Of course, many are not well adjusted to this world, many are suffering in a host of ways: physically, emotionally, psychologically and ethically. Why are they not well adjusted? To put it simply, ours is a very, very sick society. Our governments give approval to the work of pharmaceutical corporation, fossil fuel corporations, all manner of money-making and money-laundering schemes that try to pry as much money from individuals and their families, as possible, all done in the name of the people and for the people. The pornography industry is thriving with distribution shops found in mind-boggling numbers in every community in the world. Governments bend over backward to fund this massive rape of human society and the planet.

Yet, in almost all of these communities, even a hint of expressed discontent with being raped is met with all sorts of punishments. Complain of being raped, bullied, battered? Well then, we will de-fund women’s shelters. Complain about the pornography? Well then, we will find any excuse to put you in jail for non-sexual nudity whether it be in your own home or other private setting. There is no logic or rationale for what is happening to our planet and to the humans who make this planet their home. We rape the planet: the land, the water, the air and the very bowels of the earth. We rape our neighbours and call it good business practices. We fund wars – both sides – to make sure our factories producing weapons actually get sold and used. And we spy on ourselves and call it patriotism in the name of anti-terrorism.

What is most surprising is that anyone can turn off their heart, conscience and soul and go through each day believing that all is going well – with money in the bank, a car in the garage (or two), all the latest technological toys, and a government more concerned about the evil others and the misfits that are likely to steal all the hard-earned toys and prized possessions, life is good.

If others are suffering, they likely deserve it. She got raped? What was she wearing? He got beat up for being gay? He may as well get used to it as he’s going to hell anyway. That mother fed her baby breast milk in a public setting? Would serve her good if the Children’s Aid Society took her baby away and gave it to a real woman. A naked man in an isolated region on a lonely hike far from children, schools, towns, parks – put him in jail for contempt and keep him there until he learns that the law doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is to grovel and beg forgiveness even if you haven’t done something wrong; especially if you haven’t done something wrong and you know it. Shit happens. Suck it up and move on – or not!

Sometimes it feels good not to belong. Time to do something right. Time to get real. Time to be real. Don’t hide behind masks, behind jobs, behind fear – strip away all the lies and stand proud as a whole human with a heart, body, mind and soul.

2 thoughts on “Going Sane In An Insane World

  1. I think this is one thing, regardless of stripe, that man people would agree on – society is not right. I think people might disagree on certain particulars of what is sick, but at the same time everyone wants some form change. The problem is change is difficult in that the only person you can really change is yourself and to be honest our influence to change others is really limited based on this fact. Good post.


    • Yes, we can only change ourselves and with that change, there are ripples that in turn serve as catalysts for others. You can’t change another person. To change one’s self is a herculean task that can’t be done using logic alone. The heart, mind and soul need to take part in the change. Thank you, Pastor Ed.


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