Heading Out for a Naturist Retreat

This is as big as it gets - my home on wheels.

This is as big as it gets – a version of my home on wheels.

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving my home very early to make the drive to Green Haven Sun Club in the Qu’Appelle Valley near Regina, Saskatchewan. I will be taking a route that first takes me to a city where I have an acutherapy session in order to tame my seasonal allergies. Once the acutherapy session is done, I drive to the naturist site and set up my tent trailer and begin my naturist retreat. The image to the left is similar to my actual trailer. I can consider it to be my private monk’s abode with screened windows.

Scene from an naturist retreat in Australia

Scene from an naturist retreat in Australia

Okay, what do I mean by a naturist retreat? Well, for starters, it is as much about meditation, contemplation, silence, and nature as it is about being clothing free. For the time that I am at the site, there is no Internet access, something necessary for me otherwise I could easily see myself always checking things out on-line, connecting with others – anything to prevent myself from being alone with myself.

Meditating monk in darkness

Meditating monk in darkness

This is a journey I will be taking on my own. As my wife tells me, I usually concern myself with meeting the needs of others and denying my own needs when with others such as her, our children, or our grandchildren and members of our extended families or friends. It will be me, alone. And, in that aloneness, I am sure to find the veil between consciousness and the Dark Night of Soul becomes so thin that I will be forced to deal with the darkness within me.

“The dark night may be profoundly unsettling, offering no conceivable way out, except perhaps to rely on pure faith and resources far beyond your understanding and capability. The dark night calls for a spiritual response.” [Moore, Dark Nights of the Soul, p. xix]

It is that spiritual response which then makes my journey one that is a naturist retreat rather than a naturist holiday. I will try to put up a few more posts today and schedule them for publication during my absence.

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