The Naked Truth About Nude Dreams

Often I have dreams where I find that I am naked. In some of these dreams there is a sense of shame; in some there is a sense of defiance, a sort of pride in my naked self; in some there is curiously no emotion at all, as if nothing is out of the ordinary; and sometimes I am sensing a state of anxiety. Dreams are a vital link between what our conscious mind and our inner state of being – our unconscious self. If one is to talk about nudity and dreams, there is a need to also discuss clothing.

Metaphorically, clothes are a means of concealment. Depending on the type of clothes you wear, you can hide your identity or be someone else. But without them, everything is hanging out for all to see. You are exposed and left without any defenses. [Naked Dreams]

Naked dreaming

Naked dreaming

If I take these words seriously which I have quoted from one of the many on-line sites that try to fathom what is being said in our dreams, I am led back to the idea that the personal unconscious is trying to uncover some important truth, something that we need to be aware of or address in order to bring balance back to the psyche or soul. Clothing is about concealment. Nudity is about honesty, perhaps even purity in its original state before society works overtime in order to persuade us that nudity is shameful, evil and disgusting.

Those who live part or most of their adult lives as nudists/naturists are well aware of the sense of wholeness, of freedom, of honesty that is felt in those moments when clothing is not worn. When forced to put on their clothing in order to interact with the broader public, there is a sense of frustration and almost claustrophobia from being closed in (clothed in). Identifying oneself as a naturist/nudist is risking more than the exposure of one’s skin to the elements, it is also making oneself vulnerable to others. And in our current societies in this modern world, there are very few places where taking that risk is met with positive results.

Taking moments for nudity is carefully considered – will anyone see me? will I be arrested? will I be shamed? will I be punished? will I be ridiculed? – all these questions and more race through the head. As a result, there is a need to place coverings between one’s nude self and the collective which reacts so irrationally to nudity. The coverings are found in secluded sites, in resorts and colonies and parks where nudists are confined within and the general public is kept outside of these locations. Walls are built, trees and hedges are cultivated to block outsiders from peering within.

The outer world of waking life has its own stories and messages about nudity and dreams have to deal with both the collective unconscious and one’s personal unconscious attitudes when it comes to nudity in dreams. Realising this, one begins to ask – why is everyone so afraid of nudity? why are we taught to be ashamed of our natural body? why must naked skin be hidden? why is it considered beautiful for a baby to be naked, but considered disgusting for an adult to be naked? Of course I have barely touched on the questions that arise on the social level in the outer world of community and society.

In approaching one’s dreams with nude content, we are not to censor the dreams, pretend they don’t exist, assume that somehow the devil got inside of us to mess up our heads. In approaching naked dreams, we must consider them in relation to our personal life. What am I anxious about in my current life? What am I ashamed of in my current life? What am I proud of in my current life? What am I concealing from myself and/or others in my life? Questions such as these, if asked can help us regain the psychic balance necessary for a healthy and holistic life.

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