Free-Hiking In Prairie Wild Lands

Wild land on the prairies

Wild land on the prairies

Not too far from my home in rural Saskatchewan, there are several areas of rolling and hilly land that have not become farmland. These places don’t have any or many trees to speak of and are very hot in the summertime. For someone who wants to do some free-hiking, they are perhaps the perfect location for the Canadian prairie is sparsely settled as it is let alone in these areas where cultivated fields and farmyards are not to be found.

The area covered by the wild land in this image is about five kilometres by four kilometres.  If one were to head south and a bit west, a larger area of very wild land that is roughly eight kilometres wide and long. It can’t get much more private than that – well yes it can, but then I would have to travel at least a half hour to arrive at another area that would be vast in size in comparison with almost no chance of visitors while free-hiking except for those on horseback or all-terrain vehicles, or “quads” as they are known around here.

All it takes is to set paranoia aside and head out to one of these areas for an opportunity to be free of constraints, to enjoy a skyclad picnic, to do some skyclad exploring with a camera in hand, and to marvel at the massive stretch of sky on the Canadian prairies.

4 thoughts on “Free-Hiking In Prairie Wild Lands

  1. We love hiking nude ! There are some area lakes we go to that have hiking trails. Yes we have been caught by textiles a few times but we use it as an opportunity to talk about the nudist lifestyle. Most are ok with it only a couple of people were a little uptight. The most remarkable thing is, even though they do not desire to join us they often ask if they can take a pic either with or of us. Go figure.


    • Yes, it is amazing that they want photos. There is a curiousity, an unconscious pull that refuses to be entertained by the ego. Thanks, Thurston.


      • I have been both shocked and thrilled at the same time by some of the ladies requesting a pic of me standing nude with them fully clothed. When I have asked what they were going to do with the pics the answer has always been exactly the same. I’m going to show them to my girl friends and office workers, totally amazing to me but a thrill too knowing others will see me.


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