World Gardening Day – Sunny and Warm

World Naked Gardening Day 2013

World Naked Gardening Day 2013

I wish that I could say that this is a photo of me working in my garden, but it isn’t. Yes, I did spend a lot of the day gardening in my back yard, as did most of my neighbour’s all up and down the block. In a prairie town, fences are symbolic. There are no high privacy fences. As a result, there was no opportunity to do my gardening naked. It is what it is and I have to accept that reality. I did turn the soil in one garden patch so that my wife could put in some raspberry canes. The second garden patch will have to wait until a bit later during the week for it’s turn as it is too wet to turn at this time. We typically plant our vegetable garden during the Victoria Day weekend, so I have lots of time to get the vegetable garden ready for planting.

I have a few work projects in the yard besides the garden. I have fitted two rain barrels for use and I have begun repairing the fence which is listing because a neighbour “tapped” it with her truck. There is a laundry stand to build as well as the old one became unsafe. As you can see, life is keeping me busy, too busy for a lot of writing here.  That said, I will be back more regularly once I have caught up on all of my yard projects.

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