Daring Honesty – NaPoWriMo – 30

It’s the end of April, the last day of the NaPoWriMo challenge. It is hard to believe that I have been able to stick with this project when my outer life has been so busy with so much of the time spent in planes or on the road. At times I had to use the schedule feature for posting, times when I knew that I would not have any Internet access. In spite of that, I have honoured my pledge to have a poem posted each day. All of my poems posted were written at the moment the post was crafted. I have to admit that in the process, I have deepened my own understanding of what it means to be a naturist, an understanding that goes beneath the naked skin. I want to thank you, my readers here, for stopping by and reading these poems. For me it was surprising to see that each day a good number had come to the blog site. The lack of photos didn’t seem to matter – you came and read and sometimes commented, and sometimes reblogged my poetry for your own readers. Again, thank you.

Exposed and Vulnerable

Stepping out of a hiding spot
daring to be seen and heard
daring to be ignored
daring to become a target
or a scapegoat for
the fears of others
daring to be me
a me that I don’t
even fully know
or accept

Why? Why expose the inner self
expose my body
expose my thoughts
expose my dreams and fears?
What will I gain
other than isolation
rejection, or censure?
Who will I lose as I
take this journey?

Questions without answers
as answers can only emerge
once the journey begins
a journey of self-exposure
of becoming transparent
to self and others
a journey of brutal honesty.

Daring to follow this lonely path
I find answers
I find you
I find myself
I find us bound
even closer
because I dared
because you dared

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