Connected – NaPoWriMo – 28

Sunday morning. It is cool and cloudy outside and it makes me think of a Kris Kristofferson song called “Sunday Morning Coming Down.” The house is quiet and I am feeling a bit too quiet at the moment, perhaps thinking too much. One of my trains of thought took me to my brother-in-law who now suffers from Alzheimers. I will be visiting him tomorrow after a long absence due to living in Mexico for the winter. I wonder if he will remember me in some small way. Today’s poem in for him.

I See You Beneath Your Skin

Sometimes I walk into the room
without you being aware of my presence
I sit still for a while and watch
you lost in your silence
your eyes seem to have lost
the spirit of life

As others walk by, or role by
in their wheel chairs
you don’t even react
but remain lost in some inner space
perhaps not even there
behind your eyes

I approach and say your name
and you turn and give
such a beautiful smile
with eyes that proclaim
that you are still alive
still there in spite of
this disease that seeks to
claim you to darkness

You can’t find the words
but I know that you see
passed my clothing,
my own aged body
to connect once again
a connection that has
never needed words
never been held back
by appearances

We were more than brothers
and somewhere, still,
we are still more than brothers
connected beneath the skin
connected as more than friends

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