Daring to be Bare – NaPoWriMo – 25


Standing along a barbed wire fence

Another sunny day and a life that is asking me to be present. It is strange how being present doesn’t necessarily mean being physically present any more. Virtual presence now is part of what we can define as being truly present. A good example is in the realm of employment, one can and indeed many people do show up for work and virtally punch their time-clocks without ever leaving their homes. Virtual offices are everywhere with people working from home, and curiously working from home naked because their is no perceived need to cover up as would be expected at work. Given the opportunity, given the freedom of choice, nudity emerges.

With that bit of observation noted, it is time for today’s poem.

Bare Naked and Barbed Wire

Standing in a field of prairie grass
leaning against a fencepost that tells
me that I am at the edge of possibility
beyond this point
access is denied

I look out onto the grassland beyond
land in which only animals and birds
are to be seen readily
land on which human traffic is limited
to a privileged few
a right rarely used

Standing there, bare naked, I wonder
do I dare pass through the boundary
which is more symbolic than
actual barrier?
What is the penalty?
What is the risk?

I consider the impact of my footsteps
on the fenced off prairie
I consider the intent of the fence’s owner
Is this fence meant to keep me out?
Or, is it to keep the occasional herd of
free-range cattle in?

Knowing the answer, I dare crossing
and meet a Mule deer doe who stares at
my nakedness as if it belongs here
I meet a magpie who sits patiently
as I take its photo
and then I sit there with them
on the slope of a prairie hill
drinking in the sunshine
feeling whole and
feeling at home.

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