A Prayer For Boston – NaPoWriMo – 19

The sun is out! The sun is out! Needless to say, I have a smile on my face and the house feels so much warmer simply to have the rays come in through the windows of my home. In spite of the sunshine, or maybe because of it, I am finding it hard to concentrate on any tasks and notice that I am bouncing all over the map jumping from one activity to the next without ever finishing a task. Simply writing these few lines has been a scattered attempt at concentration and focus. Perhaps it will settle down as I write today’s poem.

Slow Down

Breathe . . .
Sit . . .
And for a moment or two
a calm begins to grow
until a stray thought
ignites a restlessness.

Breathe . . .
Sit . . .
A fleeting ghost of
a hunger pang lifts
the body in search
of something to appease
an unconscious hunger
a hunger that no food
can ever satisfy.

Breathe . . .
Sit . . .
And a hand reaches
for a remote which
instantly floods
the senses with the
tragedies and fear
emerging from yet
another tale of
madness in the
modern world.

Breathe . . .
Sit . . .

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