While Waiting on The Weather – NaPoWriMo – 15

I am back home in Canada and it is snowing with a breeze that makes it feel even colder than the -4C temperature. Needless to say, I didn’t go out into the garden to do my morning nude meditation as has been my practice for the past three months. In my garden here in Canada, snow still sits in deep drifts. While flying back to Canada, the snow cover was complete from at least South Dakota until the plane touched down. It seems clothing and I must become the best of friends until summer comes as it appears winter is hanging on through much of the spring season. Enough complaining, I got my annual membership for the Federation of Canadian Naturists in the mail which lets me believe that at some point it will be clothes-free time in the out-of-doors.

Now, for today’s NaPoWriMo poem.

Waiting on the Weather

Eyes peer out at the landscape
covered in snow and the fall of
small snow flakes that say
“Not now!” for the urge to sit
in the sunshine and glow with the
rays of sunshine that are hidden
behind grey skies.

There is an ache inside, a slight
twisting of spirit for what is
denied in a land so cold
a land that says, “Not Now!”
to being sky clad.

The outer world greyness is
matched with an inner world
dimming of energy, as though
one finds that the journey
is now traversing so dark
swampland of soul, holding
on to the promise of
re-emergence into the
world of light and warmth’

While waiting on the weather.

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