Naked and Waiting – NaPoWriMo – 14

The last night in Puerto Morelos was quite enjoyable as we headed out for one final meal out while being entertained by some great Jazz music performed by musicians from Mexico City. The final packing was, as always, a bit hectic as we tried to remember what we brought and what we didn’t bring. But finally, the task was done and we got to relax for a couple of hours before bedtime.

Today, we were up early as usual with no need for the alarm we set, as always, in case we slept in. A final early morning meditation in the courtyard followed by coffee was all there was time for besides sending off this post with today’s poem for the NaPoWriMo challenge.

Waiting on a Bus

¿Habla Espagnol, senor?
No hablo espagnol
¿Habla Inglés?

With only a bit of angst
tickets to fly
away from sun, sand and surf
were secured two days early
leaving only waiting
for the bus

Waiting in a courtyard
reading skyclad in the late afternoon
following skinny dipping in the sea
waiting until night fell and
waiting until the final day

A morning meditation interrupted
with a gift with the gift bearer
not perturbed that the meditator
was unclothed and knowing that
a return would follow
in the new year

A late morning final stroll
of the beach ending with
a longer than usual
nude swim in the sea
before heading back
to villa

An afternoon spent
sunbathing in the sacred spot
claimed as personal
months ago and then a final swim

Now, it’s a return to the end
of a Prairie’s winter
and the need to once again
wear clothing
Now it’s time to wait for the bus
that will fly us home.

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