Feel Better Naked – NaPoWriMo – 13

It’s our last full day in Mexico, the last day for probably a month before I can be outside again without the physical need to wear clothing because of weather. I should feel that this will be a loss, but it doesn’t. Life is more than being naked outdoors. Life is about relationships with adult children and grandchildren and neighbours and friends. What is vital is finding a way to be naturally oneself and being in community. As we prepare for our return to home, we know we will have to plan our time in order to meet naturist needs and the need for connection with others, sometimes blending the two.

Now, day thirteen’s contribution to the NaPoWriMo challenge. Enjoy!

Feel Better Naked

“Feel good half naked!”
says the ad
promoting the illusion
of allure, control, sex
and body freedom.

Feel better fully naked
is the only response worthy
to be uttered
in order to escape the
power of overt and
subliminal control.

Refusing to be a
consumer of fashion
refusing to be told
how our bodies
should feel
is the ultimate freedom.

In the skin one is born with
the real beauty emerges
a beauty based on honesty
a beauty of body, mind and soul
a wholeness that emerges
when one feels comfortable
and natural when nude.

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