Naked Anxiety – NaPoWriMo – 11

It is hot and windy. Putting a bottle of water into the bag, as well as something to munch on was in order as we headed out for a seven kilometre walk to our picnic spot far away from most resorts and the village of Puerto Morelos. Naturally it didn’t take me long to shed my bathing suit for sunbathing and swimming purposes once we arrived. Then it was time for a bit to munch on followed by more sunbathing and more swimming. When enough time had passed, and with a mid-afternoon lunch calling, we headed back to our villa. Needless to say, we are both suitably worn out, a pleasant kind of tiredness.

Now, it is time to pull out the eleventh poem for the NaPoWriMo challenge.

Decisions, Decisions – What Shall I Wear?

To be clothed or not to be clothed
that is the question that gets
debated, an inner debate that
contains no words, only feeling

Where most dither over what
will be worn for the coming
part of the day,
some weigh the question
“Do I have to wear something?”

Going to sleep is simple
no clothing
no underclothes
no pyjamas
and if it is warm
no bed coverings either

Unless even in bed
when the lights are out
and there is no one else
in the bed or house
anxiety demands
a layer or two of clothing
so one can feel “decent”
and “moral”

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