Holding The Tension – NaPoWriMo – 10

It’s a very humid morning with a lot of cloud cover and occasional break-out of the sun. With temperature to hit 30C (40C feel like factor), it should make for a lazy day. A return to sunshine is predicted for tomorrow. With only three more full days to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea I am treasuring each moment as it comes. On Sunday I will find myself back in minus temperatures while waiting for the Canadian prairie sun to work its spring magic and thaw out the land and lakes.

A walk along the sea was refreshing because of the wind. Returned back to the villa for a later lunch topped off with fresh pineapple and now it is time to write today’s poem for the NaPoWriMo challenge

Holding The Tension

Angst, the tension
of knowing that
an end is drawing close
when bare skin
will be once again\
buried beneath layers
of clothing while
waiting for summer
to arrive

Angst, the tension
of knowing that
dreams were just that
dreams, illusions to
still the gnawing
that says life
will demand its due
and give little
space for
being clothes free

Angst, the tension
of frustration
and anger that
comes with once again
feeling the rug pulled
knowing that once again
dreams will be denied

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