Breast Feeding In Public – NaPoWriMo – 8

Mothers' Park - Corozal, Belize

Mothers’ Park – Corozal, Belize

It’s a new day, a new week and with it a countdown to leaving Mexico. A week from today I will have woken up in my own bed, in my own home. There will be one more difference, I will be waking up to snow on the ground and the need to do my morning meditation in the house rather than outside. But for the rest of this new week, I get to meditate outside as long as it’s not raining. Today’s NaPoWriMo offering is a bit different. Breast-feeding in public is an issue in North America. I am amazed at the number of people who think it is disgusting for mothers to nurse a child in a public setting. It isn’t so much as there is an aversion to seeing a woman’s breast. Rather, it is an aversion to seeing a breast in a non-sexualised context.

Are You My Mother?

A mother suckling
a child
without shame
breast bared
regardless of
the presence of others
with baby gulping
and then

A mother suckling
her baby
breast discretely covered
defiant of the stares
of others

A mother suckling
an infant
hiding baby and breast
in case someone
might see
and ridicule

A mother
denying her newborn
her breast
offering instead
a bottle
as if it is
a gift

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