Shadows and Light – NaPoWriMo – 6

It was beautiful out this morning while I was meditating in the garden wearing nothing but the sun`s rays with the occasional moving shadows of a palm drifting across my body. As I sat still, the sounds of grackles, dogs, a woodpecker and a few other birds decided the silence needed to be filled with sound. All is well that begins well. Now, on to the NaPoWriMo day 6 poem.

Shadows and Light

Dawn and clear skies
well, almost clear,
promise sunshine for
another Caribbean day

A slight breeze barely
rippling the water
promises a golden opportunity
for another underwater wonderland

Mask and fins
gliding though the water
chasing shifting colours
while both shadows and light
take turns showing
different faces of
the inner world
beneath the surface
of the sea

Brilliant colours are not hidden
only muted with a passing shadow
which shows a different perspective
of a surreal world

All is as it is
yet so much more
and so much less
more illusion than

Until I surface, a return
to grounded life with a smile
still feeling the wonders
of the shadows and light
of an inner world.

2 thoughts on “Shadows and Light – NaPoWriMo – 6

  1. I am ‘catching up’ this week. I am enjoying your poetry, which comes from The Lover. I am very fond of The Lover; wish more men were in touch with this archetype.


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