Voyeurs – NaPoWriMo – 5


It’s day five of NaPoWriMo and I am still finding myself with the desire to continue with the process of posting poems. In the photo above, you get to see one of my naturist sunbathing location. Usually I lie down behind the log so as to have privacy as well as to keep my au naturel state out of overt view of passersby. Still, if they want to look, they can see what a nude man looks like. Today’s poem describes a scene experienced yesterday. This location is only about 50 metres (or less) from a clothing optional resort on the Caribbean coast in Mexico.


Shifting from front to back
inviting the sun to now colour
more of my skin

I prop my head in my hands
And look out on the sea
A dancing and shifting
Surface that hypnotizes
And soothes

The sound of waves
Meeting the shore
Plays on like some lullaby
As I slip into a meditative state

Two couples cross my view
interrupting the tranquil moment
laughing and excited
having just seen nude bodies

Unlike most others who get
shocked or excited or both
they stop and take out cameras

4 thoughts on “Voyeurs – NaPoWriMo – 5

  1. I’m thoroughly enjoying your engagement with poetry this month! It’s a different means of expression that can summon new ways of thinking and feeling an experience, as much for the writer as for the reader. Keep up the good work!


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