Freedom To Be Natural – If One Only Looks

It seems like forever since I have posted here. With only ten days left of our stay here in Mexico, I am thinking a lot about home and what it will mean in terms of naturism, at least until it actually warms up so that I can spend some time out-of-doors in the sunshine in my natural state. Temperatures appear to be warming up for my return with a promise of above zero Celsius temperatures for daytime highs.

While waiting, I am busy contacting various naturist groups on the Canadian Prairies in hopes of finding a naturist get-away home where I can meet other naturists and build friendships with them. So many years of hiding my naturist tendencies were due to protecting my career and the connection with community that is necessary to raise a family. But now, I don’t have those reasons to hide behind. I still have a community that expects me to behave in what they perceive in a somewhat normal manner, and in the community, I respect that expectation. After all, they are friends and neighbours and are there for me if I have need. So that leads me to explore other options.

The journeys to the warm south are one of the options that I have found that allows me to explore naturism without negative consequences in terms of home community, friends who aren’t naturists, and my family who are busy with careers and raising their own children. Becoming a member of the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) has been another decision that has allowed me to be more at peace with the reality of being a naturist. And of course, this blog site has been my third strategy.

Joining a travelling naturist group, and a landed naturist group are the other options being considered. Closest to home are the Prairie Suns, a travelling naturist group, and Green Haven, a landed naturist club. As well, future travelling and camping across Canada in the  late spring, summertime and early fall will provide other opportunities such as visiting other naturist groups, isolated and quiet lakes, and even in various surprise locations to be found if one only looks.

2 thoughts on “Freedom To Be Natural – If One Only Looks

  1. “…without negative consequences in terms of home community, friends who aren’t naturists, and my family who are busy with careers…”
    But it wouldn’t it be exciting to discover those among us with the same hidden interests. It is a shame we like they must remain in the closet.
    Pat S


    • It would be exciting indeed. But the only way to find that out would be to discover that fact in a nudist camp or to come out of the closet so to speak.


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