Naturist Bits and Pieces for Easter in Mexico

SONY DSCIt is hot today with sun shining and temperatures hovering around 28 C. As usual we went for a long morning walk, somewhere between 9 and 10 kilometres in distance, came back to the villa for a lunch with me then heading back out for some  naturist or skyclad time. This time spent alone is treasured, not so much for the fact that I am alone, as for the opportunity to carve a space in the dunes, behind shrubs, where it is just nature and I – a spiritual and soulful time of communion with my body, mother earth and sea, and father sky. And, as usual, I didn’t take a camera with me as I didn’t want to lose focus on my purpose.

It is enough, for now, that I take a few moments here to share these precious moments. The photo above was take a few days ago, in the late afternoon when my sun meditation time was done. For now, that is all I have to offer you. There will be time for more, later.

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