What Do Naturists Want?

I have to admit that there are events happening in the naturist world that I feel are hurting naturists. I wonder what the objectives are for these events though I think I do have some idea. It the larger picture, the naturist and nudist organisations are often pushing for opening up the access to the public areas, and in the case of San Francisco, public nudity on the streets has been legal for a number of years, but because of a growing fundamentalism in the American public psyche, that public nudity is being lost. Sometimes that SF scene was its own worst enemy pushing the envelope with some over sexuality.

In my opinion, most naturists simply want their own space to be respected. Within their homes, in the yards and gardens, naturists still don’t have legal permission. The rights belong to peeping toms who peer into the windows of those rumoured to be nudists. Should they spy bare skin, all it takes is a call and those within the home are guilty. It isn’t enough to provide a basically private space behind the house. Someone walking by and peering through the hedges or slats in a fence can file protests with legal authorities. Somehow, being nude in one’s own home or on one’s own property is a threat to children and public morality – somehow, this private nudity is viewed as worthy of arrest, defined as a sexual offender and facing fines and possible prison time.

The same applies to beaches and wild spaces. No naturist has a right to be nude regardless if there isn’t another person around to possibly see them. Should the naturist be seen by a passing boat or car, the fear sets in with wondering if someone will be coming to deal with the issue of their being nude.

I think we should be working for some basic, private rights to nudity. Mounting large campaigns for big projects which often only serve to further have the public get their backs up with regards to nudity only makes it more difficult for achieving basic private nudity rights.

I know that I am not asking for too much. I am careful to not push too hard and find that in return, I get a bit more leeway for my personal self. People are more tolerant and more willing to listen. That would immediately change if I was to push the limits and challenge with a mantra of “rights.” But then again, my opinion is simply my opinion. Perhaps I am wrong and naturists are determined to have their cake and eat it too at the expense of other naturists.

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