A Sad, Sad Story of Search Engines

I have to admit that I am troubled by what I see in my statistics for this blog site. Five of the top thirteen search items are: nudist children, nudist kids, nude children,  nudist child, and nude kids. Other search terms include nudist boy, child naturist, kids nude beach, kid nudist, children nude, naked kids, nude child, naturist boy, photos naked nude boys, nudist youth, nude-child-blog, naked kid sea, nudists kids, nude kids at beach, kids at the beach nude, all thin naked nude kids, naked kids on beach, children nudist 2013, and young naked kids showing penis. Ugh!

I haven’t included all of the search terms that included children and nudism. What I have included here is more than enough to raise an army of red flags. Who are these people doing these searches? I can’t think of anything other than they are either paedophiles or else cops in search of paedophiles. Either way, none of these are welcome visitors to the site. Is there any way to block searches to this site that those arriving using those particular search terms will be “disappointed” to find a site that is more about the psychology of nudism and naturism with a touch of Buddhism thrown in, than it is about being a haven and gold mine for paedophiles. Ugh!

And then I looked at the top posts for this blog site: leading all posts “Pedophiles and Nude Children: A Mismatch with 1,283 views. Second is “Naturism and Nudism” with 160 views. Again, the words paedophile and children are prominent. Who are these people? Ugh!

7 thoughts on “A Sad, Sad Story of Search Engines

  1. It’s awful, no question. But we can’t control who accesses our sites anymore than a store can control who walks in (as a wise man said). The good thing is that you are providing content that can serve to break down the exploitative contexts that the search terms reveal, and help recontextualize the ways people think of nudity in a positive, life-affirming light. Context is everything.


  2. Its just so sad to think that these statistics are possibly weighted towards paedophiles. My personal experience makes me hope that its the Police trying to track down illegal behaviour. Hopefully as more ethical websites like ours grow, there will be a shift towards support and promotion of healthy, natural and ethical naturism for adults and children. Keep up the great job on your blog


    • Thank you for these supportive words. As a child I was victimized by those we could consider paedophiles both within the immediate and extended family and within the church. The numbers of children who are targets for sexual purposes by adults is larger than we think, especially for male children. Society knows that young females as well as older females are targetted by dirty old and not so old men; however society is very reluctant to admit that child molestation is not gender specific. The search engine terms found in my stats are more about boys than girls. Society is even more reluctant to see that women, mothers are also found in the group we could call paedophiles. This is our collective shadow denied making it more and more difficult to shift society to a healthier version of being naturally in our own skins.


  3. They might not be looking for your site specifically when searching, but obviously as you say, they are finding your blog. You can probably block those terms if you really wanted to, however, considering those people actually reading your blog and you having an impact on them. Kind of like be inturrpted with something positive when searching for something not so positive. Maybe not to block those people is a good idea too? I dunno.


    • I have chosen not to block because there is a hope that they might actually read what is written and thus get an opportunity to become a bit more aware of their own unconscious behaviours. Thanks. 🙂 I hope you return with more comments to share in the future.


      • Great minds must think alike!

        I have researched sex offenders and online pedophiles for years. I have a lot of insider information that I would love to share on my own blog, but I struggle with the idea of publicly posting it on my domain due to safety issues with my identity. (piss off the wrong sex offender, end up in a ditch). I would love to chat with you more about your “project” on G+. I would love to read more posts about your efforts in the future.


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