Boy Culture – Boy Psychology

boy culture

Boy culture – boy psychology – boy attitude

Where are the adults in our world? Where are the responsible adults, the mature adults? Why are so many bad things happening? Why do our various societies around the globe put up with immature behaviours? A rape in India has been one outcry against what I would call immature acts, acts that are not moderated by mature thinking even though the rapists were supposedly adults. Child abuse by a corrections officer in California barely rates any coverage at all. And even in my home country, sexual assault stories are way to familiar. The stories are sad, but somewhere deep in the minds of many, is the belief that the victims were somehow responsible. “If only she had dressed properly.” or “Why was she at that party?” are often heard in the aftermath. Where is mature thinking and mature response to all immature behaviours?

“Boy psychology is everywhere around us, and its marks are easy to see. Among them are abusive and violent acting-out behaviors against others, both men and women; passivity and weakness, the inability to act effectively and creatively in one’s own life and to engender life and creativity in others (both men and women); and, often, an oscillation between the two – abuse/weakness, abuse-weakness.” (Moore & Gillette, King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, p. xvi)

Immature boys trapped in  men's bodies

Immature boys trapped in men’s bodies

Where do we draw the line between mature and immature in a culture that deifies youth? The business of plastic surgery is reaping the profits as those desperately clinging to youth begin to show wrinkles and folds that come with aging bodies. Nudity is tolerated only in situations that glorify youth. No one wants to see gross nude old people walking in a park or sitting on a bench watching a sunset. Even a natural scene such as a mother breastfeeding her child is gross. Yet flaunting bouncing boobs at a bar or in a parade invites cheers.

It seems as though maturity itself is under attack:

“How often are we envied, hated, and attacked in direct and passive-aggressive ways even as we seek to unfold who we really are in all our beauty, maturity, creativity, and generativity! The more beautiful, competent, and creative we become, the more we seem to invite the hostility of our superiors, or even our peers. What we are really being attacked by is the immaturity in human beings who are terrified of our advances on the road toward masculine or feminine fullness of being.” (p. xvii)

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