This Too Shall Pass

Winter dawn - The colours of vibrant life hovering over frozen prairies.

Winter dawn – The colours of vibrant life hovering over frozen prairies.

A different kind of image today as I am in a different kind of mood. In discussions with others lately I have felt a bit discouraged when it comes to trying to turn on some lights in our modern world. It feels as though as a society we are drifting back into a new Dark Age. The promise of the sixties and the seventies seems to have gone up in smoke leaving only ashes behind to indicate that we were finally on the right track.

Now that those words have been said, I know that I am discounting all of those good people who are desperately struggling to make a positive difference in the world. But, I wonder if the world is listening. How many seem deaf when it comes to their personal investment in the healing of the planet and the collective human psyche? As the expression goes, “Words are cheap.” To invest in time, in effort, with money, or heaven forbid, a change in lifestyle which would mean giving up those things that have contributed to the darkening – well that is a different story.

“Do I support the right of others to be nude? Why yes, of course.” But that support is limited. Don’t be visible, don’t expect to have rights, and most important don’t ask for any economic or political support. “I have a family/job to consider.” is a refrain too often heard when one tries to get passed the words of support.

“I do believe in religious freedom,” is an automatic response for many, but that response is conditional on the expression of religious freedom only on the fringes of society. Any closer then it becomes a threat and religious freedom vanishes.

I understand that most are captured by some form of fear and are thus trapped in webs that narcotise and render impotent. The fear of losing what one has, of having less, of being less powerful, of being dispossessed by a new power group makes everyone else a potential enemy. And so, when push comes to shove, we retreat into our separate corners like rats. And all the while as we build our protective nests, the darkness re-approaches.

It is only the thought of the phoenix rising again out of the ashes that gives me hope. Since I know that I am not just my body, I can say, “this too shall pass.” All is illusion.

4 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. Dear Friend,

    Yes, the words of this Post are so familiar to me and also sometimes truly makes me feel in Despair !
    But then I say to myself and now also to you – “Cheer Up” !! (how easy to say, smile !)

    Like you always say – we are talking Synchronicity – so I got a flash of the phrase “ Be In the World not Off the World”.

    As I searched for the origin of this phrase on internet, it brought me to John 17, particularly vv. 11 and 16.
    There was also a referring to Romans 12:2, which said :
    “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

    Not being a scholar in Bible phrases – I thought thisas interesting.

    Like I said before in a other response – when I finished, did (do) my home work – things are fixed and I can’t change anything – so the “what if’s” are a waste of my time and keeping me for being aware of the Present.

    So, as today it seems that I am feeling a little bit better then you, I invite you to get up and put your hand on my shoulder (like I put my hand on your shoulder so many times).

    And the world would see two old timers with a grin on their faces shuffling forward on this difficult path of Life, being aware of the Present, (smile !).
    By doing so, these old timers only have to carry themselves and not the World.


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