Do We Have The Will?

gun controlI have to admit that I am sad, heartbroken, angry and more – all at the same time. Again there has been murder with guns in another school in America, the land of guns, guns, guns. I have to admit that I am not really surprised. Owning a gun is considered a god-given right and is legal to carry to schools in certain states in America for reasons of personal safety.

Officially, more that 16% of American youth under the age of 25 are unemployed. That number doesn’t include those who have dropped out of the job search market or have yet to try looking for work in ways that would get them noticed. The myth that America remains the land of dreams where anyone can be a millionaire or become president of the country or the CEO of an organisation in spite of the fact that the “winners” of this American dream accounts for only one percent of the population. We teach our children to dream the dream then abandon them as we break up our homes through divorce or abandon our children to televisions or the latest media babysitters such as smart phones, and game consoles. When we do show up at home, we teach them that drugs and alcohol are our preferred means to numb our own fears and disappointments. We do our best to disguise, to cover up, to mask our feelings, our fears, our desperation. We do not teach our children well. To make matters worse, we disable our schools so that they can’t effectively parent in our stead. We become a nation of neurotics with the occasional psychotic episode erupting such as in Newton, Connecticut on December 14th, 2012.

In 1912, Carl Jung commented that America “will either master its mighty forces or be mastered by them.” Contemporary evidence suggests that we are being mastered by these forces. America has incarcerated more of its population than any other modern western-world country. Violent death by guns and other weapons continue to exceed that of most other countries in the world. And the violence isn’t decreasing. We seem hell bent on imprisoning as many as possible, especially those who are suffering mental illness. No wonder that Jung said that America was a neurotic nation, a nation that must learn to live with its shadow rather than trying to barricade that shadow behind bars or in mental institutions or behind a very lucrative pharmaceutical industry. What little real therapeutic help is available is, for the most part, priced out of the reach of our youth, our minorities and disadvantaged.

Access to mental health care is not a right. Whatever mental health care that is available comes at a very high cost, much higher than the purchase price of a gun. Mental health coverage, when available, is often limited to a small number of sessions with the bulk of help offered in the form of pharmaceuticals. Now, as a mental health professional, there isn’t much I or you can do about the issue of gun control outside of supporting local, Provincial/State or National initiatives, but there is something I/we can do with regards to the issue of access to mental health care. We hold the keys to our practices whether or not we are independent or in an organised practice. We have the skills and the wisdom to help with the underlying mental health factors which sometimes erupt in tragic events. The only question is do we have the will?


12 thoughts on “Do We Have The Will?

  1. The writer of this piece shows a definite lack of understanding of the American psyche, especially as it pertains to owning firearms. Another lack of understanding shown throughout this writing is where the true cause of all the violence behind these atrocities in America comes from. It is not the fault of the average American who feels he has the right to own guns (which we have), but that of the government, which is doing its worst to change America over from the Land of the free to the largest prison camp in existence, with everyone on welfare and standing in bread lines longer than anything previously seen in Russia during the Cold War years.

    Perhaps it would have been better written had the writer been more in tune with what goes on in America beyond simply reading the spin form the news agencies around the world.


    • Maybe, maybe not. I don’t think all Americans would agree with your take. But then again, is any understanding right or wrong, or is it all opinion, especially polarized opinion? But then again, one doesn’t have to be an American to have a valid opinion. 🙂


      • Of course not all Americans would agree with me. Some would be outright livid of my view, but then those are the same “Americans” who elected a president who has the intention of deliberately destroying the greatest nation on Earth. Owning a gun isn’t a “God given right”, but it is a Constitutional right as well as a mandate. If you look at the nations on Earth where everyone owns a gun you will see the crime rate is way down and murders are almost non-existent. In America sheeple are now voluntarily turning in their guns, because they have swallowed the line that removing guns from the citizens will stop the bloodflow, when just the opposite is the truth. When no law-abiding citizen owns guns only the criminals will have guns (which includes the federal government). Then see how fast this nation goes down the toilet.


      • Thanks for your comment, Jacob. It makes me glad that I am not a citizen of a country going down the toilet. That said, it is a bit amazing that Australia is considered a peaceful country where there have been no “massacres” since gun control came in 1996 in comparison with its history before 1996. Which country has the greatest blood flow? Why? What weapons were used?


  2. How funny: I am reading your piece, thinking ‘Well, Jung and you have the American Shadow psyche spot-on accurate”, only to scroll down and read your first comment……

    I will keep you posted when I spot any bread lines. But as a American, I know those on bread lines are getting what they deserve; it’s a sign of God’s judgment against their sloth and we should not intervene with their punishment.


  3. The writer seriously needs to do some homework before opening his mental midget mind and posting on this blog. Consider the source. Time to stop reading this idiot’s stuff. Good bye.


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