The Wild Side of Eros

I enjoy watching the sunlight dance on top of water as if it is caressing a beautiful woman that constantly changes while giving the appearance of staying the same.  The light of the sun fights its way through the branches of trees that border this particular small river.  It is a wild scene, raw with its untamed nature.

When we abandon ourselves to the power of Eros, all previous points of reference are impaired or swept away.  Love makes lone wolves of us because we are less in tune with others and less able to communicate our experience.  The only possible language is that of art or poetry.  Its mysterious alchemical powers enable us to express what would otherwise remain forever hidden.”  (Aldo Carotenuto, Eros and Pathos: Shades of Love and Suffering, p. 17)

I know I have often remarked here, that water represents the unconscious and that light represents consciousness.  Consciousness cannot exist without unconsciousness as though the unconscious gives birth to consciousness which in fact it does.   In search of consciousness, we look outside of ourselves for answers.  And, in order to oblige us, the unconscious that is buried within is projected onto others, onto the world as a whole.  What our unconscious projects, we see and recognise as a significant “other.”  We fall in love with the person holding the projection, a person who in turn is often ripe because of their own psyche which acts as a hook for our projections.  And so begins a wild ride fueled by Eros.