Eyes Wide Open

DSC04423This is a scene from Varanasi along the shores of the Ganges River.  The site is one of the burning ghats.  One can see the smoke still in the air from the residue of previous burns.  Off to the right, a burn is in its final stages.  The ground is black with ash.  Golden wreathes and shrouds are now litter on the shores of the river.  What a strange place for boys to have their morning play time.

The time I spent in India has changed me, subtly.  Eventually, I will get around to writing a story about being in India.  I don’t know what it will look like or feel like yet.  I don’t want to force it, but to let it emerge as it needs to for my own need.  I do know that the writing will feature a second voice, that of another man, one from India who remains in India.

The photos I took in India serve me well.  They serve as symbols, as active bits that renew whatever changes in attitudes that came from being there with eyes wide open.

A side note, today I had the 5,000 visit to this blog site.  None of my visits were counted in this number.  I do realise that a number of people are regular visitors so the number of unique visitors will remain a mystery to me.  Since I began this website almost eight months ago, I had no idea that the site would ever draw much interest.  In a way, in comparision with other blog sites, the readership is small with daily visits averaging just over twenty.  Still, the idea that this place has been visited 5001 times as I write this has a good feeling about it for me.  My voice is not wasted sound in a desert.  Likely, with no readers, I would have pulled the plug as I don’t do well just talking to myself for extended periods of time.  Thank you to all who read.