Phallos: Sacred Image of the Masculine


As you can probably tell, I have started reading another book.  This time, it is by Eugene Monick, author of Phallos:  Sacred Image of the Masculine.  In the photo above which I took in January, 2008 near the city of Dungarpur, a boy is getting ready to fill his little container with water.  A closer look will reveal that the water pump and the base are in the form of a Shiva Linga, the basic representation of Phallos in the Hindu religion.  The pump represents linga, an erect penis, from which flows the seed of creation.  The base represents the yoni, the womb into which the seed is poured to complete the act of creation.

DSC00862I took a number of such photos, most of them within Hindu temples such as these two photos which were also taken in the Dungarpur countryside.

DSC00851These two photos point to a numinous quality of phallos, an authentic religious dimension of phallos as a god image.

The top photo implies this god image finds concrete expression in the outer world. Jung defined the psychoid unconscious as existing in both archetypal and physical dimensions, where an aspect of the archetype manifests in the outer world.  Eugene Monick has a series of three books published at Inner City Books, which looks at the issues facing men, issues which centre around their masculinity in a world that is becoming less and less friendly to the masculine psyche.

I will come back to this theme later as I read what Monick has to say on a topic which found little space in the Collected Works of Carl Jung.