Lost in the Layers of Persona

DSC04071It’s early morning as I write this and I am waiting for the coffee to perk, waiting for that first shot of caffiene.  While waiting I thought I would go back through my archives of photos to see what I could post here, what would catch my eye.  Almost immediately, this photo from India jumped out.

I took this photo under very poor light conditions as there was just the faint hint of light outside, just enough to see that some people were beginning to stir in the early morning.  I was sitting in a train, in a sleeper car which had for some reason, stopped for an hour not too far from Varanasi.

These two girls are trying to get warm by burning plastic bags and other rubbish along the railroad tracks.  I also saw others come near the train where they relieved themselves as though this was the public outhouse.  This was definitely not tourist India.

I wonder what we look like when we drop persona?  Would we look physically different?  How we dress our bodies, how we hold our bodies, how we treat our bodies – all of this is wrapped up in our identity, our prime persona.  But if we could get underneath all of that, what would we see?