Aspects of the Feminine

dsc04413Another image taken while in the Anthropology and History Museum in Mérida while I was there for the Carnaval.  And like the image of yesterday, this artifact was found in one of the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan.  At the centre of belief is IX’CHEL, the goddess of both life and death.

The feminine is cyclical in nature like the moon and the courses within a woman of the preparation for new life by discarding old possibilities.  The feminine is cloaked in unconsciousness, in darkness and in mysteriousness.  The feminine nurtures the earth and gives birth over and over again.  Out of the dark and damp womb, humanity is born into a world of light.  And, that same humanity is born to die, to be consumed by the very earth that gave it life.

One thought on “Aspects of the Feminine

  1. Interesting. The female takes the seed, grows it in her womb and gives to the earth. The whole circular cyclical thing. The man gives the seed. Lineal. Says a lot about the difference of the male and female pyche when you think about it. Thanks.


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