The Masculine Aspect

dsc04411The photo here was taken in Mérida, the capital city of the Yucatan, at the Anthropology and History Museum on the Paseo Montejo.  It is a Mayan figure similar to one I photographed at Uxmal which was still on the wall of a Mayan building.

Obviously, the figure is male.  Strangely, the bodies both at Uxmal and here are both headless.  Both have bound hands as though the male is prisoner.  Both have genitals exposed.

Realizing that these figures are found in a religious context, it follows that they are more symbolic than historical.  So what can these figures be telling us?  Perhaps, that as humans, human males, the ruling forces are sexual, not spiritual.  Men are trapped in their bodies which demand so much.  The power of instinctual drives dominate when one is not aware, not far along on the journey of individuation.

Today, it is still hard in our modern world.  How does one balance the polarity of masculine and feminine which are resident in each of us?  Regardless of our intellectual states, our bodies betray us, demand of us.  And as a counter, the soul, the opposite, demands as well it share of presence.  So begins the work of midlife, the marriage of both aspects within the psyche.

2 thoughts on “The Masculine Aspect

  1. Would it be down to my animus(being as I am female) that when I write stories, I generally feel more comfortable writing the main character as male?


  2. There is a pull to animus at work here. Perhaps it could be more of a questing for understanding of self through the wandering around in the country of opposite. Animus/anima often shows its face in dreams. By that I mean one begins to sense the presence of soul, its needs, its agitations, its demands. Of course the soul has no face that can be portrayed or contained.


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