Ouroboros – the Tail Devourer

Ouroboros – the lizard that feeds on itself, the tail devourer.  I know, this lizard (iguana) is not exactly feeding upon itself.  Yet, it seeing it, and taking its photo, I sensed something that was waiting, waiting to be seen and then said.  One begins to trust to such instincts.  I took several photos of this iguana.  The others were much clearer, sharper in focus as far as the iguana itself was concerned.  But, they didn’t have the sense of ‘dejà vu’ or ‘ah-ha’ that I wait for.  In the past seven months I have taken four thousand photos.  Needless to say, only some of them find their way here.  And not all of these are powerful.  Some are just photos.

So why this one?  And why, is it in black and white instead of in colour?  I wanted black and white as they speak more about polarity, about opposites, about light and shadow.  The iguana, the lizard, is almost all white.  This suggests a sense of the masculine to me.  Yet, there are slight bands of black which speak of origins, of ‘otherness’.  The head of the lizard is overwhelmingly suggestive of a penis, confirming the masculine aspect.

And, the lizard is in search, in search of the female.  Before taking its photo, the pouch under his neck was engorged.  He made quite a few bobbing of his head movements before noticing my presence.  It’s the story of all life, the search for a mate, for survival of the species.  Humans are no different.

The penis is drawn to a vagina, a dark and damp and warm retreat.  And that vagina, a vagina, is the source of its origin.  So, the penis is drawn back to its source, a circular journey.  And it feeds that vagina.  And then, for a moment there is a death, a lack of awareness of ‘self’.  And in that instant, the head is feeding on the tail – the vagina as the head, and the penis as the tail.

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