Naked Poetry – Vulnerable




Standing naked in front of you
Should I lower my head in fear and shame?
Should I cover my head in hopes you
Don’t recognise me?
Or should I stand tall with trust
That you will find me beautiful
In spite of the stains on my heart
And the scars on my body?

In front of others who speak in your name
I must hide and cover my nakedness
Cover my weakness with clothes of power
For they have shown dark hearts
That would cast me into more pain
Into greater darkness to match their
Own suffering of doubt and deceit.

Yet in front of you, it is different.
There is no trembling that sends me
In search of something to conceal me
For there is no place that I can hide
From you when you come looking.

That I dare stand, vulnerable before you
Sharing the most intimate aspects of my body,
My mind, my heart and my soul
Is all the proof you require of my love.

Daring a Natural Life

Daring a Natural Life

Daring a Natural Life

Daring A Natural Life

Listen to the body
walking, pushing
finding natural limits
the body demands
time off for bad behaviour.

Feed the body naturally
leaving aside foods
designed for shelf life
modified to increase appetite
toxic to health.

Fill the mind with purposeful
meaningful presence, thoughts
and actions allow the spirit
to stand in the sunshine,
head held high while
looking into others eyes.

Grace the soul with honesty
refusing to hide behind all
those things that deny
the inner truths of being.

Cocoon – Naked Poetry




In a world cold and gray
a new space emerges as breathing
becomes focused and mindful.

The senses
present and accepting of
clouds barring the sun from
bringing warmth and light.

The cold and quietness
enclosed within skin
hope denied, pushed away
shadows are given freedom
in the present moment
shadows co-existing with light
both becoming one.


Intimately Yours – Naked Poetry

Intimately Yours

Intimately Yours

Intimately Yours

This skin which covers bone and muscle
Now marked with age revealing an inner
Fire that is consuming the flesh
Yet exposing a light that is yet contained
Within the remaining tissue and cells

Though eyes have lost acuity
Inner sight has strengthened allowing
Clearer vision of the soul of self and others
Clearer vision of your essence.

Though hearing has lessened
Inner voices that sing and reveal
Truths hidden in noise
The songs of praise of you
And your songs to me.

Still, we embrace, intimately
Enter into each other
Body, mind and soul
Lover and beloved.

Your gaze penetrates all the disguises
All the masks and attitudes
Touching that light you engendered
Back in the Garden of Eden
And we are reunited as one
Whole and holy.

Standing Naked Before God

Standing Naked Before God

                       Standing Naked Before God

Standing Naked Before God

Sewing fig leaves without needle or thread
Desperate to hide shameful nakedness
What was good is now evil
Being made in the author’s image
And ashamed of being in that image

And the author laments
Paradise lost for his creation
Yet promises paradise’s return
When shame is overcome
A paradise where no needles
Or thread, or fig leaves
Will conspire to hide creation
Conspire to deceive the creator

Standing erect
In the author’s image
Radiating light in darkness
Standing naked
Before God

Free-Range Naturism

free-range, free body, free mind

free-range, free body, free mind

It has been a while since my last visit here and putting up a post. My novel is now down and waiting for feedback from a number of readers before I submit it for publishing. With that task now in its final stages, I find that I now have time for being here and adding a few thoughts and images about naturism in the modern world. As well, I have some work yet to do on the poetry-photography book that is waiting for my attention. It is my intention to bring some of that poetry book here over the next week or two as a teaser for my readers as well as incentive to myself to complete the project before Christmas.

Before I get into the poetry, I want to talk a bit about how I sense that naturism is changing, perhaps even evolving. As I am seeing it, our complete society is changing in ways that are creating a sense of chaos – the backlash of a complacent society against the growing polarization and abuse of authority. Religion is taking a beating as modern media is exposing sexual, political, and economic abuses. Government leaders are similarly being exposed as are almost all “authority” sectors such as policing, the pharmaceutical industry, the stock market, and even the entertainment industry. And, in my opinion, this is a good thing as it is shaking the complacency that has been used by most people to insulate themselves for what is happening outside of their tiny orbit of influence,

Authority is under fire, including the authority that had been given to the traditional protectors of naturism. Rules, rules, rules! It seems the more we become aware of the world around us, the less willing we are to give up our “self” authority. In naturism you get to see the fall out as “club” memberships age and shrink in numbers. The explosion of “free-range” naturism threatens the traditional approaches which has hidden behind locked gates and limited memberships. And therein lies the problem as the number of naturists is increasing with most of those new naturists not fitting neatly into the paradigm established by the traditional naturist clubs and even the liberal hedonist enterprises. Today’s naturists are not vested in supporting the old paradigms. They simply want to be unfettered and allowed to be authentically themselves.

Naked Union of Opposites

Tantric Buddhism - Yab Yum - union of masculine and feminine.

Tantric Buddhism – Yab Yum – union of masculine and feminine.

More from my novel in progress. But, before I place the next piece here for you to read, I want to comment a bit more on the Yab Yum, the Tibetan “father-mother” image that is found in Tibetan Buddhism. The image of Yab Yum is symbolic of both union and sexual polarity (duality and non-duality) that is a central teaching within Tantric Buddhism, also known as Vajrayana. And yes, actual Tantric practice does involve such a literal union where the male is passive with the female [energy] being the active partner in bringing all to fruition. Of course, I have made this description much simpler than it really is, but there is enough to allow one to become aware of yet another path to wholeness, oneness.

~  ~  ~

All the rooms in the casa were doubles putting Frieda and René together once again. In a way, their ease and familiarity with each other evoked a sense of a couple who have known each other intimately for decades, not as two individuals who had met just a month earlier. As they rinsed their socks and hiking clothes worn that day, they talked easily of the day’s sights. Unspoken was the meditation experienced earlier. It didn’t take long before they joined the others in the garden area bringing a refreshing beverage with them.

“So,” asked Moe as the last of the group gathered in the garden. “Are we ready to talk about this afternoon’s meditation, Sid?”

“I think I want to hear from René first,” replied Sid. “René, can you tell us what it was that you experienced?”

“I’ll try,” he began. “Before I do, would I be correct in suggesting that this was Tantric practice?”

“Yes, you are right. I was certain that you would grasp what was happening. What else can you tell us?”

“Well, as I see it, it fits within a Christian ideal where a man and a woman “know” each other thus creating a bond that is forever inseparable, a holy marriage where two become one.”

“Yes, that is part of what this practice also contains. And?”

“And within my understanding of depth psychology, it is analogous to the alchemical union of the Red King and the White Queen, the masculine and feminine principles that must come together for the psyche to become whole.”

“There, Moe,” said Sid, “is your answer, Moe. However, we both know that you already knew the answer to your question.”

“Ed,” questioned Sid. “Any questions?”

“No, I think I need time to process all of this. I am overwhelmed with what I saw. I only hope that the photos will be good enough though I am not sure what they are needed for to tell the truth.”

Turning to the group, Sid said, “We will meet again, to both look at the photos, and to talk more. For now, it’s time to perhaps retreat to our rooms and reflect.”